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ORIMILK SDN BHD offers a wide variety of products and services that make u fell good, look while at the same time saving your time, money and helping others.
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Don’t miss out on the ORIMILK SDN BHD Tuesday Product Knowledge, Thursday Business Opportunity Meeting and importantly the Saturday Team Leader Sharing a Knowledge – it’s always something new.

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Orimik Vanila - in malaysia
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Program and Talks for Hospital Staffs about Orimilk Premium Colostrum Milk

ORIMILK for Healthier & Bone

Whole Food Calcium from Milk. A 100% natural and sustainable source of calcium with essential trace minerals similar to human bone for maximum absorption and bioailability*

What makes milk ORIMILK Colostrum Viral?

Trusted by Professionals. Preferred by Consumers. ORIMILK Colostrum Milk is an innovative supplement for whole healthy, specifically formulated with Colostrum from New Zealand and TruCal D7 is a for optimal bone and health.

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TruCal®  is a unique ingredient developed to help individuals optimise and maintain strong, healthy bones. Figure 1 below shows Vitamin D3 & K2 enhance calcium uptake into skeletal bone issues.

Orimilk Sdn Bhd

frame - in cheras selangor malaysia
frame - in cheras selangor malaysia
frame - in cheras selangor malaysia
frame - in cheras selangor malaysia

Trending Online Business 

Marketplace business

Very prospective because Marketplace Turnover continues to grow globally, in the ASEAN region.

Online Seminar Becomes New Normal

The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic have made mass communication activities very effective to be carried out online and have become a new habit

Future Business Health Industry

Health Products is an evergreen business, in line with the high level of public awareness.

Network Marketing Business

This network marketing business never subsided, assisted by the advancement of the internet, making its turnover even greater from year to year 

frame - in cheras selangor malaysia
frame - in cheras selangor malaysia

Social Marketing Business Booming

The high popularity of social media in social interactions is used to market quality products

Online Travel Becomes New Normal

Great interest and tourism potential make the Travel Online business opportunity very prospective amid this new habit

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