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Network Marketing May Not Be Perfect,
It's Just Better -Eric Worre

You must be in business for yourself!
You will never obtain the lifestyle you deserve working for someone else!

 "would rather earn 1% off the efforts of 100 people than 100% off the efforts of myself  by J Paul Getty" - Oil Magnate Billionaire

"Those concerned about their personal financial future should give networking an objective look."

by Robert Kiyosaki, Author Rich Dad, Poor Dad

World Milk Day (Poster)

Worldwide there are over 100 million individuals involved in networking representing over $180 billion in annual revenue.Some well known Fortune 500 companies that have offered products and services through networking include: Bausch & Lomb, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Motorola, AT&T, MCI and Xerox. Clearly, networking is the trend of the future .

Why, though is network marketing a good idea? The answers are simple. By building a business based on repeating sales, you are building residual income. That means that even if you don’t go to work on a given day, there are still people in your organization who are working and generating sales.

    ORIMILK SDN BHD is here to provide opportunities and opportunities to the Indonesian community affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, making their income to finance his family life much reduced. Through the business that is in trend in the New Normal era that is Digital Social Marketplace that allows people to generate income by working from home only (working from home). This Digital Social Marketplace business concept opens 6 online business schemes that will and have grown rapidly in the era before and during this New Normal, namely Marketplace, Network Marketing, Social Networking, Health Industry, Online Seminars / Education and Online Travel.

     Through the advancement of the world of telecommunications and information today, your opportunities to work and earn money from home (work and earn money from home) are wide and unlimited. There are so many potentials and opportunities to earn income through online media, you just have to choose the one that is the most prospective and its legality is clear. For this reason, we offer you to join a new business, namely ORIMILK SDN BHD which combines the 6 (six) most prospective online businesses today, namely the Marketplace business, Network Marketing business, Social Marketing business, Health Industry business, Online Seminar / Education business. , and the Travel Online business.

Online System

Marketplace business

Very prospective because Marketplace Turnover continues to grow globally, in China and in the ASEAN region


Social Marketing Business Booming

The high popularity of social media in social interactions is used to market quality products


Future Business Health Industry

Health Products is an evergreen business, in line with the high level of human awareness to maintain their health


Network Marketing Business

This MLM business never subsided, assisted by the advancement of the internet, making its turnover even greater from year to year


Online Seminar Becomes New Normal

   The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic have made mass communication activities very effective to be carried out online and have become a new habit


Online Travel Becomes New Normal

Great interest and tourism potential make the Travel Online business opportunity very prospective amid this new habit

Marketing Plan Orimilk
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