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1. Terms and Conditions 

a. Please read and understand the contents of this Merchant Agreement.

b. When you fill out the application form, please make sure you write down all the required details clearly and correctly. If the information provided is incorrect, Management has the right to reject your application to become as an member for no reason whatsoever.

c. Digital Joy is the absolute platform marketing under of the company ORIMILK SDN BHD. 


2. Product Informations under Merchant must Have:

a. All the Product to sell under ORIMILK as a entreprenuer or merchant must registed under ORIMILK SDN BHD.

b. The product in house and under merchant also must have:

* Lisence under goverment

* Halal process and lisense

* GMP & HACCP factory

* We are invite Iks product

* Type of ingredient not danger for people

* Lisence MESTI Certified under KKM

c.The Product of the merchant under the ORIMILK SDN BHD Bonus. The price of that categories is different. The merchant have a bonus under platform ORIMILK SDN BHD.

3. Return of Goods

a. Return of Goods is only allowed for damaged goods.

b. You are required to include a copy of the purchase receipt and return the damaged item as evidence.

c. Company will not be responsible for any damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes and so on.

d. Headquarters will NOT repurchase all products that have been sold.

4. Exchange of Goods

a. Items in the set that are damaged if they have been opened and separated from the set cannot be exchange.

b. Goods that are damaged in the hands of the member cannot be returned to the Headquarters and it is the responsibility of the member himself.

c. Exchange of damaged goods that is delivery from Headquarters upon arrival to the member is permitted.


5. Payment & Order of Goods

a. Each merchant is asked to place an order through the store system on the website or directly through Headquarters.

b. All orders of goods will only be processed after the company receives a payment.

c. Payment can be made online at the website or directly to the Headquarters account.

6. Commissions

a. Each merchant company will get bonus under platform ORIMILK SDN BHD by Monday

7. Market price

a. Each merchant is reminded to sell the product at a predetermined market price. Merchant are strictly prohibited from selling products at or above the market price.

8. Incentives / Benefits

a. Free marketing and advertising through FB Adds, Instagram (IG) and also through our website to generate more sales for this product.

b. The Headquarters will hold an annual event to celebrate each of the merchant in honor of the effort.


9. Change of Company Policies, Terms and Regulations 

a. The Management reserves the right to change, amend and change any Company Policy, Terms and Conditions as it may from time to time require.

b. All changes to this policy will be informed to the member in writing or telephone.

10. Shipping Informations

a. Country: ABX– (1 KG BOX), Price rate RM10.00 (Malaysia) and RM25.00 (Sabah Sarawak), International: UPS.

b. Shipping cost is subject to any changes.




I have read and understood all of the terms, conditions and policies of the company contained in this agreement. I acknowledge and agree to comply with all terms and conditions set by the company and if I violate the terms, conditions and policies, company ORIMILK SDN BHD reserves the right to take any action and law as it deems necessary.


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