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Why ORIMILK added Milk Schemes And What Are The Advantages?

Updated: Jun 4

Definition of Skim Milk (Skim Milk)

Skim milk is a dairy product that has a very low fat content. In some countries skim milk can be labeled "fat-free" milk because of its very low fat content. Dairy shop products sell skim milk as one of the dairy products it sells. For anyone who wants to limit fat intake from food and beverage consumption, skim milk is one of the best choices for regular milk selection (which has a higher fat content).

Milk Making Scheme

Skim milk is made by means of fat content in milk through the process of separation of fat from milk. The making of skim milk is traditionally done with fresh breast milk in a certain container for some time to fill the fat floating on the top. Next, the fat on the top is taken with a spoon to make butter products or milk cream. This process of scooping is called "skimming". The result of this fat separation is milk that has a lower fat content.

The making of skim milk is modernly done by centrifugation, which is the process of separating fat from milk by rotation at high speed. The centrifugation process saves a lot of time in the traditional process by floating fat.

Fat Rates on Milk Scheme

As a guideline, products labeled skim milk have a contact fat content of 0.5%. Low-fat milk or semi-skim milk (half a scheme) has a fat content of between 1% to 2%. Many low-fat milk producers differentiate product variants based on their fat content percentage. Pure milk contains about 3.5% fat.

Advantages of Milk Scheme

In many breast milk contains no better nutrient content in pure milk. Because skim milk is lower in fat, skim milk is lower in calories and suitable for people on a low-calorie diet. Adults are ideal for drinking low-fat and calcium-rich milk. Meeting the calcium intake is very important for special adults to maintain bone density. Skim milk is also often supplemented with nutritional supplements such as calcium and vitamin D to increase its vitamin and mineral levels as a source of bone health nutrition.

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