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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

ORIMILK milk is classified under the food act, NOT supplements or medicines.

This is because its main ingredients are CALCIUM AND COLOSTRUM. Both are natural / natural and do not mix with other ingredients, dyes, chemicals and others.

Calcium ORIMILK is taken from the world's largest calcium producer in the USA, GLANBIA, where laboratory tests confirm that its calcium composition is 99.9% equal to human bone composition.

The second ingredient of C2JOY which is special is COLOSTRUM, which is EARLY COW MILK which is taken as early as 0 - 6 hours when the cow gives birth. The colostrum content as early as 0-6 hours makes C2JOY very effective especially for patients with arthritis, joints, varicose veins, bone formation, and increases the level of immunity to us.

In fact, the lactose content in colostrum as early as 0-6 hours is very small making it safe to drink by LACTOSE INTOLERANCE.

To maintain optimal health, 1 sachet a day and 2 sachets a day are enough for rehabilitative treatment of those with the disease. God willing.

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